7 Ways To Stop Your Yoga Class Going Stale

I recently suggested 10 tips for those about to embark on their first Yoga class and whilst a lot of those tips are just as relevant for those who attend classes regularly, I thought I’d offer up some suggestions for the more seasoned class goer to bear in mind to stop class going stale. Regardless […]

Did You Really Think Yoga Was Just Stretching?

Recently a friend asked me to spot him at his local gym, a swanky affair but he had a free guest pass so I wasn’t complaining. While I was there he asked why I didn’t join a gym and I explained to him that I practice Yoga and occasionally Pilates at home and really didn’t feel the […]

Yoga: A Quick Introduction

Depending on who you ask, Yoga was developed in India between five and ten thousand years ago. It is, essentially, a discipline that uses breath control, meditation and physical exercises. There are number of things about yoga that make it particularly appealing; for a great many people it’s because it helps to promote mental and physical […]

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