Manduka PROLite Yoga Mat Review

This Manduka mat replaced one I’d had for 6 years. It’s safe to say it was a fairly old and worn out, thin mat, this one is so much thicker in comparison. As with all new mats, it was a little slippery at first but after a couple uses it was very easy to grip.  The more I use it the happier I am with it.

I really can’t understand why it’s taken me so long to upgrade my mat but I can say the PROlite mat is one of the best yoga mats I’ve ever used and is well worth it’s price tag. Not only will your practice benefit, you won’t have to buy another mat for a long time; which can be quite a saving as some of the cheaper sticky mats don’t seem to last as long as their price fools you into thinking they will.

Manduka’s PROlite Travel Mat is a fabulous high performance, lightweight yoga mat that is as perfectly suited to a regular class at the gym as it is to hitting the road either on a retreat or a long weekend away.

If you can afford it, buy it now otherwise start saving…you deserve this yoga mat!

This 71″ PROlite Travel Mat measures 24″ x 71″ x 3/16″ and weighs approximately 1.9Kg.

Manduka PROLite Yoga Mat Review
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