OM Yoga in a Box

This fabulous boxed set, OM Yoga in a Box, is designed to offer all you need to progress from beginner to experienced yogi. Whether it is for yourself or a gift for someone close to you, it’s bound to be well received.

It contains two CDs; one of which is a 70 minute instructional disc with a booklet, while the other is purely musical and perfect for yoga practice or simply relaxing to.

You’ll also get a set of double-sided flashcards (9cm x 14cm) describing each posture in greater detail, a yoga belt to help with deeper stretches, a candle and some sandalwood incense with a holder.

The sessions are created and taught by Cyndi Lee, the director of the OM Yoga Center in New York City.

We know the price for a pristine set is quite high at the moment but if it’s for yourself and not a gift we’d suggest picking up a used kit, which will probably not have the candle or incense.

OM Yoga in a Box
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